Is obesity in men a disease?

It is generally accepted that obesity is, first, a female problem, and secondly, a cosmetic problem. Until recently, fullness was considered a sign of prosperity and health. Recent studies have clearly proved to us that obesity is an independent chronic disease and a risk factor for the development of diabetes, hypertension, and sexual disorders. Moreover, in men, the problem is as acute as in women, although the stronger sex begins to pay attention to it only with significantly pronounced obesity, when the quality of life is significantly reduced.

Obesity has multiple complications:

Cardiovascular diseases:


Respiratory system:

Musculoskeletal systems:

Oncological diseases:

Impaired sexual function:

Determine obesity can be very simple, with the help of a tailor's centimeter to measure the waist circumference. The waistline is the line connecting the points located on the sides of the torso (the middle of the distance between the ilium and the lower rib on the right and left). Normally, the waist circumference in men should not exceed 94 cm, anything more is a sign of obesity.

Men's waist should not exceed 94 cm!

There are several features in male obesity. In men, fat deposits are formed mainly in the abdomen (the shape of the "apple"), the so-called abdominal obesity, which is the most life-threatening, since fat accumulates in the abdominal cavity, squeezes the internal organs, preventing their functioning. Also, the work of the heart is disrupted, which leads to the appearance of cardiovascular complications.

Another feature is a violation of hormonal metabolism. The fact is that adipose tissue itself is an endocrine organ, on the one hand, in it the male sex hormones testosterone and androstenedione turn into female-estradiol and estrone, respectively, the more a man has a fat layer on his stomach, the more female hormones and less male. In addition, adipose tissue synthesizes the hormone leptin, an increased level of which leads to a decrease in testosterone levels due to impaired testicular function. A large number of studies have proven the inverse relationship between testosterone levels and waist circumference in men: the wider the waist, the less testosterone in the body, and, accordingly, the shorter its "male life".

The wider the waist, the less testosterone in the body.

The third feature is an undoubted plus – male obesity is much easier to cure than female, since the male body is initially less prone to accumulation and parts with adipose tissue much easier.

Treatment of male obesity also has a feature. Of course, it includes classic components, such as:

Medical treatment

But, for men, a prerequisite is to determine the initial level of testosterone, followed by the appointment of natural testosterone preparations. The blood test, which determines the level of total testosterone, is given in the period from 7 to 11 o'clock in the morning. Age is not a contraindication for starting therapy, but in age-related patients, the assessment of comorbidities is important.

Now it is scientifically proven that men who have low testosterone levels live less than representatives of the stronger sex with normal levels of the hormone, as it determines the functioning of most organs. Experts note that everyone who suffers from excess weight, there is an absolute or relative decrease in the amount of testosterone. Treatment of male obesity is impossible without normalization of the hormone level.